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The Story of Izzy Scott

Izzy was a fun loving eclectic kid. He enjoyed marvel superheroes, dinosaurs, legos, and most of all he enjoyed time with family and friends. He had a polarizing personality that made friends immediately in any environment.

Israel loved to learn. He was very inquisitive. He could recite the name, environment, and the food that many dinosaurs consumed. The best part of bedtime for him was storytime. He would always pick a dinosaur encyclopedia.

Izzy was very intuitive and protective over his loved ones. He was sincere and sensitive when mom wasn’t having a great day and transformed into a super hero when dad was off to work. He would always offer up hugs and kisses to mom and want dad to dress him up in his favorite costumes to protect the house.

Izzy was an adventurous kid who enjoyed spending time outside. Playing on the trampoline, riding power wheels, playing t-ball, soccer, water parks, were just a few ways he enjoyed sharing different experiences with family and friends. As much as he enjoyed doing many things it was more about the social aspect of this fun.

Tragically Israel “Izzy” Scott’s untimely departure occurred while learning to swim. His family and friends have since been convicted to continue to spread his story and his contagious smile.

Empowering Youth in Augusta, GA

In honor of Izzy’s love for water and his eclectic personality, Izzy’s family and friends (Izzy’s Village) started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Izzy Scott foundation focuses primarily on water safety as this is a critical life skill. To highlight Izzy’s sense of family and friends Izzy’s Village will be the people of the community supporting the children of the community to ensure that today’s youth can reach their potential.

Vision and Strategy

Our Vision:

Meet today’s youth where they are, discover and nurture talents, and develop them into their fullest potential.

Our Strategy:

Leveraging the vibrant pulse of our community, we partner with local advocates and experts to offer a wide range of classes and workshops. From arts to science, sports to technology, we provide the resources and support necessary for young talent to thrive.


Your support enables us to reach more children and provide them with the tools to develop their talents. Make a donation today and be a part of a child’s journey to discovery and growth.


Lend your skills and time to inspire and teach. Whether it’s leading a workshop, mentoring, or helping us organize events, your contribution makes a significant impact.


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